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Posted By: Bestpeff (Twitch) No channel "windows" showing up - 17/09/16 02:53 AM

I was wondering if this was some type of bug or if it was something on my end but none of the channels my bot is connected to are not showing up in separate windows at all.


I was wondering if there is a fix to this to this problem at all

Thank you (:
Are you running any scripts? If so, what are they? With the latest changes to Twitch api calls regarding client ids, lots of scripts need updated or have updated. Some of the ones I've used were just updated 3 days ago, yet the auto-host script I use doesn't seem to host anybody. I don't make any scripts myself due to me not knowing how, but I use them to help my channel out.
How can I tell which scripts are old and affecting it and which ones aren't? I have a sub script, online mods, and a couple other simple stuff.... smirk
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