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Posted By: HaleyJ Portable mIRC v 6.35 - 14/09/10 08:06 AM
I have opened a portable mIRC by doing

//run $qt($mircexe) -portable

I have since closed this application. Now whenever I open mIRC the portable version comes up with none of my settings/scripts etc

How do I resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
Posted By: Khaled Re: Portable mIRC v 6.35 - 14/09/10 08:29 AM
By running mIRC as a portable application you have told it to store all settings and files in the mIRC executable folder.

By design, mIRC checks to see whether the mIRC executable folder contains settings and files and if it does, mIRC automatically runs in portable mode and uses them.

You cannot run mIRC in both portable and non-portable mode from the same executable folder.

If you want to go back to non-portable mode, open the folder where the mIRC executable is stored and delete the mirc.ini and any other extra files and folders.
Posted By: HaleyJ Re: Portable mIRC v 6.35 - 14/09/10 08:53 AM
Hi Khaled,

Thanks for that. Followed your advice successfully.

What if a user wants to run two mIRC's? it used to work, if it was installed into two different folders. But I think ever since vista all the settings are taken from "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\mIRC" even if its installed in a custom folder.

Kind regards
Posted By: Riamus2 Re: Portable mIRC v 6.35 - 14/09/10 10:06 AM
You can either run them in portable mode (mirc.ini, etc are stored in the mIRC executable folder for each copy), or use the command line switch to specify where the mirc.ini is stored for that copy of mIRC.
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