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IE browser freeze-up

Posted By: jamie360

IE browser freeze-up - 10/10/06 10:09 PM

When I have mIRC installed, latest version with IE 6 or & it freezes my browser. I had to delete mIRC and miss it. This is since I went to cable and use their anti virus. Any ideas?
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: IE browser freeze-up - 11/10/06 12:08 AM

You'll need to be more specific. When does the browser freeze? When you click an IRC link? When you start it up and try any page? Something else?

What cable company do you use? Is it charter like your e-mail suggests? What antivirus do they give you to use?
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: IE browser freeze-up - 11/10/06 12:23 AM

Chances are it's the anti-virus software. Because of mIRC's scripting abilities most AV software is very aggressive when checking it, which can lead to system slowdown etc.. Might be worth turning off the AV program just to test if it's the thing causing the problem and if it is see about setting it up so it ignores mIRC.
Posted By: Mardeg

Re: IE browser freeze-up - 12/10/06 05:52 PM

Given a choice between mIRC and IE to not use, I wouldn't pick mIRC wink
Posted By: jamie360

Re: IE browser freeze-up - 14/10/06 04:29 AM

Yes, I use charter cable and they have a Security Suite. I downloaded mIRC and installed it, It works fine, if I do not shut it down I can not bring up IE version 6 or the new beta 7. If I restart the computer I can get the browser to come up. This is all with the Security Suite UNLOADED. I wanted to rule out the virus protection as the problem. My corrected email is
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