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Posted By: YBNORML

Listbox options - 18/03/05 03:27 PM

as everyone knows, anything is possible with mIRC. Although i have tried n tried n tried, is there a way you can color the status symbols in the listbox without using a dll?


Posted By: tidy_trax

Re: Listbox options - 18/03/05 03:49 PM

Posted By: alkahol1k

Re: Listbox options - 18/03/05 08:06 PM

Yep, you need to use cnick.dll that's the only one i know of that will do this.
Posted By: us3rX

Re: Listbox options - 19/03/05 02:45 AM

make a picwin listbox then it can be any color you wish lol

Posted By: YBNORML

Re: Listbox options - 19/03/05 03:12 PM

cnick.dll is not an option, i hate dlls.
i think this is something that Khaled should put into the next version of mIRC.

How yah been alkahol1k?

Posted By: phishes

Re: Listbox options - 20/03/05 02:42 PM

you need to make mIRC close all windows and have them open up as @windows and echo EVERYTHING to them, then you can do anything you wish to the nicklist bold, have a colour for each letter, underline etc, i have a small script for this myself and it works.
Posted By: YBNORML

Re: Listbox options - 20/03/05 06:27 PM

not a chance. @windows suck

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