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DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: GamerDrag

DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 08/01/03 03:23 PM

The life of DALnet is Compromissed Because all server are attacked and a lot a server are de-linked of Dalnet

What i can do for Help ???

:tongue: :tongue:
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 08/01/03 03:52 PM

They've been attacked on-and-off for the last 4-5 months, what makes you so sure they'll go down now?
Posted By: Necroman

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 08/01/03 04:32 PM

I've heard that most DALusers have migrated to QuakeNet (which is why the latter has grown that big).

If, additionally, Khaled makes QuakeNet the default mIRC network (instead of DALnet) - I will start to worry about QNet's future wink
Posted By: The_Game

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 08/01/03 08:06 PM

Yeah i've heard that rumor about Dalnet goin down because of the attacks but i will believe it when i see it...It has made it this long why not any longer?
Posted By: Edward_K

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 08/01/03 09:15 PM

According to /lusers at the time of this post, DALnet is about 80% of its highest recorded user count so I think its doing pretty well considering the conditions.
If you check during a netsplit however... :tongue:
Posted By: The_Game

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 08/01/03 11:32 PM

Like i said id believe it when i see it
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 08/01/03 11:37 PM

If Dalnet does end up history then it will be a sign of the times to come. If the continued attacks do lead to the downfall of Dalnet then the attacks will simply be diverted elsewhere and then elsewhere again and again and again. I note something Necroman said about default servers. He's right in a sense - the biggest network is going to be the next target and there is not a thing that can legally be done about it because the source of the uploads to the websites that distribute the warbots is likely to be untraceable.

Alot of people, including myself, have in the past made the occasional joke about it all but it's a sad reflection on human nature that people exist who wish to undermine the efforts of those who serve the internet community without expecting remuneration for it. ISP's donate bandwidth and hundreds of people donate time to manage servers and give normal users the chance to communicate on-line with others.

To GamerDrag: I am sure that Dalnet will hangon for a while yet. If they do disappear there's other networks to try.

To the war kiddies: A big GET {EXPLETIVE CENSORED} goes out to you. Get a haircut and get a job. The only thing you are satisfying is your flaccid acorns.

Summary: My personal opinion (and it's been discussed a few times by people around me) is that IRC in it's current form has little future. Down the track the dominant servers will be those run directly by ISP's and Web portals such as 9MSN, Yahoo, the ISP run Austnet servers and indeed the network I chat on just to name some. If the attacks on Dalnet are to spread elsewhere then I cannot see ISP's continuing to allow their pipes to be choked by useless data sent by the drones. In a sense the normal users can take some of the blame on board - everyone is constantly advised not to visit websites that are advertised - yet they continue to do so and it's making life hard for everyone in the end.
Posted By: Nimue

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 09/01/03 08:56 AM

To the war kiddies: A big GET {EXPLETIVE CENSORED} goes out to you.
I couldn't agree more.
Posted By: pocahontas

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 10/01/03 02:57 AM

how do you know? shocked mad I would be so upset if that happened bcs I am always a dalnet chatter.
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 10/01/03 04:20 AM

He doesn't know. Only Dalnet knows how long they can take the punishment for. Everyone else can only ponder on it all.
Posted By: Kimo

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 10/01/03 01:33 PM

I am an aop in a very large dalnet room. this isn't my nick btw.lol.. I have heard 2 different rumors so far.
1. The arabs are p***** off & are playing with dalnet. &
2. Some ircops peeved off some turks & now they intend closing dalnet.
So take your pick. But I agree with Watchdog in this..you packet kiddies go to school & get an education or go get a job..alot of people rely on dalnet as a means of communication. So leave it be & stop playing hero..Sheesh.. Dalnet has held off one large attempt & is right now in another one..if these kids are so damn good on computers..put it to use & do something with it instead of stuffing up other peoples enjoyment..
Posted By: The_Game

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 10/01/03 01:43 PM

I agree with putting the computer skills to good use rather than pissing on peoples parades. So where does the arab thing tie in...it dont make sense to me. Ive never heard anything about arabs tor turks closing dalnet...Personally i think its just some kids like its been said before attacking Dalnet....Course I could be wrong....
Posted By: Karen

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 10/01/03 03:31 PM

VERY highly ridiculous to say that Dalnet problems are ethnic related. All that does is perpetrate the problems that are already well established in the world.

More than likely, someone with little to do, with a big chip on their shoulder was banned from Dalnet and wants to 'teach them a lesson'... which is how it used to be during the early 90's IRC 'wars'. Immaturity is the root cause. Hopefully, they will be caught and prosecuted soon. Very soon.
Posted By: raps

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 10/01/03 08:24 PM

well i traced down one source of them spam/zombie bots smirk to turkish side IRCd with script kiddies controling them, i sent email to dalnet abuse team w/ info&data i collected about users who where issueing the commands to these bots but never got reply back, this was about 2monht ago

last time i checked the they added DDOS script to them bots :S i wouldnt be supprise it was them who are attacking dalnet
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 10/01/03 10:46 PM

You're all missing one thing here. How do you even know it's only one source? It's highly likely that the main perperator started out small and some sheep followed the lost sheperd.

If the idiots doing it can mask their identity when uploading the warbots which are usually just a few KB's then the chances of them being caught are pretty slim.

If Bin Laden or the Turks were going to attack servers, I would think they'd attack more than one network. They'd also be likely to attack the whole ISP not just one provided service, that way causing more widespread damage. On that note I think terrorism can be ruled out. Being a Turk doesn't make one a terrorist anyway or even an l337 h4x0r.
Posted By: The_Game

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 10/01/03 11:34 PM

NO NUKES NO NUKES NO NUKES NO NUKES NO NUKES NO NUKES---Sorry I Couldnt resist that one...

Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 10/01/03 11:38 PM

I tend to agree with Watchdog, that it isnt one source. There will always be rumors and speculation, all we can do is continue to report any activity we stumble upon to DALnet as they have requested. Whether they reply to those reports or not, I am confident they are investigating them.

Over the years I have seen so much of this on different networks. Its sad that people, for whatever reason they think justifies this kind of thing, try to spoil things for everyone else and cost others large amounts of money. What's painfully obvious is that they simply dont care what they are doing to other people, and that is the real tragedy.
Posted By: Captain_insano

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 11/01/03 12:16 AM

heh arabs attacking dalnet
they are preparing for a real war
Posted By: hemp

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 11/01/03 01:32 AM

hi smile
actually i was the one who thought of the idea of the disgruntled arabs.
before the posting of instults starts take this into consideration...
not only dal net... but the internet altogether is a thing of "western society". most of the servers are based in "western" nations (america, europe, canada, etc...) and since dal net is one of the biggest it seems like an easy target
i know my idea sounds a little off the wall but you cant be too paranoid
the thing about the turks is a new one to me.
and if it is some dumb kid... GET A JOB ppl will pay you money so you can buy some candy and beer confused
Posted By: hemp

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 11/01/03 01:38 AM

oh yea... this was just an idea that came to mind... i dont solely believe that arabs are behind but i do think in this case... it is the least likely suspect. :tongue:
Posted By: The_Game

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 11/01/03 02:40 AM

Why does everything have to be ethnic related which happens to circulate around the arabs? Honestly i think IRC would be the last thing on their minds. Yeah the person(s) responsible for the attacks on DALnet may have an ip which indicates middle eastern descent but in all actuallity its probably a case of coincidence and that it is in fact some little kid who is bored and has nothing better to do other than to piss people off...which i might add is succeeding. If DALnet goes well there are plenty of other networks right? My guess is DALnet will probably continue to be one of the largest if not the largest network after these little attacks....course thats just my opinion.
Posted By: Daiceman9

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 11/01/03 05:32 AM

Dalnet is now dead. netsplit is not able to connect to any of their servers. only a mircale could save them now
ok scratch that, well the last sentance still holds true
Posted By: Hammer

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 11/01/03 05:36 AM

Nonsense. I'm on it right now. However, it's not doing very well at all, at the moment.

[00:34] [15 servers][43 opers][1,720 channels][58.72% +i][41.28% -i]
[00:34] [1,049 on DALnet (1.42% of max)][26 on ithaca-s (96.3% of max) (2.48% of DALnet)]
Posted By: hemp

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 11/01/03 08:12 AM

sorry for the lengthy post
there is one thing i find that makes me think it is not some kid...
someone isnt bragging about the attacks... if someone was bragging about it word would have gotten out by now either that the kid would have gotten bored by now, so the suspect(s) must hold a shred of professionalism (an organization of a sort perhaps)
one thing that happend alot just before the attacks started... all those spambots in almost every channel and those url's was what first got ppl infected w/ the irc zombie viruses which is the cornerstone of an attack
now lets take a look at what happens on dal net everyday besides chat...
mp3 sharing, porn (and some of it isnt even in good taste), spamming, warez trading, ppl that piss others off, and probably more, which i dont know about.
now.. the RIAA isnt too happy w/ the trading of mp3z and dal net has quite a few mp3 channels so there is some big time mp3 trading going on there is many ppl opposed to porn, (some of it for obvious reasons) software companies dont appreciate their programs being stolen, and nobody likes spam.
and now i have been hearing of other networks being attacked in the same fashion, (ppl at my college have been having trouble connecting to kazzaa both at school and at home [i could be wrong do not take this as fact] for the past few days just like we are having trouble connecting to dal net)
whoever it is has spent alot of time and and money put alot of planning into what is happening... i read the story at gibson research (www.grc.com) and his attacks didnt last as long as this one (didnt the most recent dalDoS drama started at around 9:30 on thursday and it seems to still be going strong)
i dont want to seem like one of those conspiracy theorists but in a case like this one must start thinking beyond some jerk kid...
(what if it is a disgruntled ex ircop?)
if it is a kid... here is my motd for ya...
you can use computers to play videogames instead of pissing ppl off
Posted By: Necroman

"Kiddies" may have children older than you - 11/01/03 11:53 AM

No, it's not RIAA smile. And no, they are not kids.

They are people educated enough to break into multiple computer systems and organize a massive attack against major Internet service providers. They are experts in computer security and networking. They call themselves hackers.

I respect every skill I haven't mastered. Not discussing moral aspects of DoSing (or writing viruses, cracking software, etc.) I claim that those people are much more proficient than most of us (including me) in specific knowledge areas. They are not kids.

Think of Al-Kaeda. Some people hate it, some fear it, others respect it for "kicking the self-proclaimed World Cop's butt". But nobody calls them "airplane kiddies" (which doesn't make them less odious, don't get me wrong).

I insist that the common belief about "kiddies who have nothing to do" is far from reality. Kiddies babble on IRC, they are not capable of taking over military sputniks or controlling the Internet backbones.

...I'm sure IRC will survive without DALnet.
Posted By: Karen

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 11/01/03 01:54 PM

Stop and think of how silly is seems to say one ethnic group would be even concerned with an IRC chating network when the region is facing a very real war. That's like saying the people of Sudan are worried about who will win an Academy Awards.

The sheer volume of resources seems to indicate it has to be an 'organized' attack, and it probably is a mix of young and older individuals. "Kids" or "Kiddies" doesn't mean an age. One person who was 'attacking' servers years ago was 42. Maturity isn't assigned to an age frown
Posted By: hemp

Re: "Kiddies" may have children older than you - 11/01/03 05:27 PM

i never intended for my post to seem to point the finger solely @ RIAA but it is just as hairbrainy as my idea of terrorists being behind it. when it comes to the respect thing... i completely agree i hold a certain amount of respect for those w/ the skills to be able to pull this off...
airplane kiddies lol
oh yea... and my motd for the ass behind it
get a girlfriend confused
Posted By: The_Game

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 11/01/03 11:24 PM

Think about it for a second, I don't think anyone is
STUPID enough to brag about attacking an irc server and no DALnet isnt dead i was just on it earlier...although it wasnt in best of shape its still there. Personally i just think someone would have to be a total dumbass to brag about such acts...so ya really never know who may doing these things whether they be kids or not...give ya something to think about
Posted By: Projector

Re: Hmmm - 12/01/03 01:30 AM

Yeah .. i know dalnet will dead .. coz ..its to dificult to enter that server ... i think u can change to another server smile .. crazy
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: "Kiddies" may have children older than you - 12/01/03 01:34 AM

While i can certainly acknowledge the skills involved, respect is NOT a word i would use with regard to anyone who would put those skills to use in a manner that causes others to pay the price for what they are doing.

IF they succeeded in "bringing DALnet down" what possible respect would those skills warrant? Who exactly are they harming? The users. The servers who volunteer their time and money...and by extension, their users in other areas. Oh yeah, i am just overwhelmed with respect for the knowledge they have worked hard to acquire and then put to such use. I can acknowledge their skills. I cant apply the word respect. I realize you werent commenting on the morality. No one disputes the skills involved...but neither should anyone "respect" them.

Of course IRC would "survive without DALnet". That isnt the point. Consider this, do you really think they would stop there? Or would others who see them as some shining example of skill? There are ppl who are afraid to say anything in an open forum for fear of possible repurcussions from those same ppl. Its the principle of the whole thing...that a few ppl, regardless of age/education/skills would for whatever reason hold thousands of ppl "hostage" in some vendetta or display of their skills. It isnt just DALnet that is effected. It isnt just IRC.

Again, i can acknowledge their skills...but to apply the word respect and, by implication admiration, only encourages them and others of the same mindset. DALnet isnt the first, nor will it be the last to be subjected to attacks like this. To me, its yet another sign that so many ppl have no respect for themselves or others. It doesnt matter what age, what ethnicity, or what skills are used in the process...anyone who intentionally causes harm to others in any way doesnt deserve the word respect applied to anything about them.

Am I taking the attack on DALnet personally? You bet I am. Can I find another network, spend the time to learn about it so i can continue to help ppl? Sure. Should i have to due the actions of other ppl? NO.
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: Hmmm - 12/01/03 01:39 AM

It wasnt all that long ago that ppl were saying EFnet and Undernet couldnt survive. They did. Only time will tell if DALnet can... in the meantime, dont schedule the funeral.
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: Hmmm - 12/01/03 01:42 AM

You don't know anything about it. Even if the network name 'DALnet' dies many of the servers which form it will continue either with other networks or by forming new ones.

Quite frankly the people doing it are kids. Maybe not in age, but as Karen mentioned, age and being a child don't always go hand in hand. The people doing this are not hackers, at best they're crackers. That's "at best" in the most derogatory form you can get.
Posted By: raps

Re: Hmmm - 12/01/03 03:29 AM

1. i did not state it was coming from one source,
i said it one in larger factor of sources in lagging of dalnet

2. script kiddies have IRCd that is in Turkey,
and user(s) had ircop/admin stats and thier ip were also
based in turkey, but of couse this not simply mean
they from turkey.

i had my bot sitting in thier channels loggin eveything that went on in these room infect victim join/parting been given

new dalnet servers, new rooms to join and spam them
also bot saved incoming nicknames of user attemp to msg them and used them on thier ircd.

if you come across user asking you vist *.Kolayweb.Com
then you been spamed by their bots >:(

Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: Hmmm - 12/01/03 03:43 AM

altho i'm not sure why you are replying to starbucks reply to projector, i commend you for reporting what you found to DALnet. Realize that just because they havent answered you, it doesnt mean they arent checking it out.

At this point, since we dont know the who/how many/from where/why behind this, speculation doesnt help anything, info that users provide can smile
Posted By: Necroman

Re: Hmmm - 12/01/03 05:26 AM

I only tried to prevent you from underestimating them. The common habit to laugh and roast anything we can't beat won't help at all.

I don't call them "kiddies". They are my personal enemies - smart and dangerous. I respect their professionalism, which doesn't mean our roads go together.

...I remember a similar attack on Undernet a year or two ago. It was teared to shreds. But it regrouped, rewrote their IRCd and channel service, disabled /links and /stats, hid the IPs of the hub servers and allowed the users to hide their IPs as well.

The admins attempted to build a system taking into account the skill of people that might try to break it down. And, IMHO, succeeded.
Posted By: The_Game

Re: Hmmm - 13/01/03 02:14 AM

i agree the name "DALnet" may die but the servers will keep running maybe possibly form new networks but if you think about it and i wish i had mentioned it earlier...almost everyday a new server is going up along with new networks...IRC is going to be around for a very long time so really if a network or servers go down more will go up possibly taking their place so its gonna really be an endless cycle of attacks on a network possibly forcing some to fall, and more going up to take their place...so really in short if DALnet falls and thats an "if" the people that made it up will still be here and more than likely start a new one...look at EFnet and undernet....they are still here after much skepticism....so really only time will tell
Posted By: lite

Re: Hmmm - 13/01/03 12:22 PM

Perhaps khaled can make a contribution in slowing the propagation of such Virus/Trojans by implementing a popup warning the person who clicked on a url that *some sites may contain a Virus* do you want to proceed yes/no This would then be a deterrent for new mirc users to be tempted to follow any url in their new found excitement. Iím sure this would help slow propagation of some Virus/Trojans.
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: Hmmm - 13/01/03 12:32 PM

It's not a bad idea but I doubt it will be a deterrent. People are told here, every IRC based website, in their ISP's newsletters, by their friends, not to visit URLs that get thrown at them, yet they keep doing it.

The biggest problem is that they can't see the warbot on their machine so they don't realise that they are doing any harm. Unfortunately alot of people would see a warning dialogue as more of an annoyance than anything else and those that do are the ones foolish enough to disobey the advice.
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: Hmmm - 13/01/03 12:36 PM

Maybe it would stop some ppl.... but on the other hand i cant count the number of times i have spent a good bit of time helping someone who got infected by clicking on an url...only to have the person turn around and tell me they have no intention of stopping clicking on urls. Some even went so far as to tell me that they didnt care what it did to their puters, that 1: someone would always help them fix it or 2. they would just get another one and 3. they didnt care if they spread infections to others. Pretty sad, huh?
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: Hmmm - 13/01/03 12:43 PM

1: someone would always help them fix it or 2. they would just get another one and 3. they didnt care if they spread infections to others.

Yepp, I get this attitude sometimes and it sucks. One wonders then why they bother simply because fools cannot be educated. Even the hammering of large networks doesn't seem to bother some people and that is why God invented the words "careless" and "selfish".
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: Hmmm - 13/01/03 10:03 PM

ur right about carless and selfish ..... all it took was one time of me getting infected and i shut my pc up so tight that half the time i feel like ive gotta get a note from my mother now to do anything ...... but hey it is worth the trouble to me to know im not someone carrying and passing out one of these viruses ..... ..... nor do i click on urls or anyother link anymore ....... ive even stopped accepting email but from a list of like 6 places/ppl ......altho the majority of the world would look at this as insanity to protect urself ..... i think of it as me also protecting others since i dont really have the knowledge these mentally challanged script kiddies do for thier efforts of causeing nothing but annoyance to others ..... i chose to sit back not fight but protect myself ...... and in 6 yrs only once was i infected ...... ........ i wish more ppl cared about having something around to enjoy as much as we all do ...... and wouldnt be hurting everyones fun ........ oh well the world is made up of so many different ppl ..... i guess we all have to accept this ...... or work around it
Posted By: GrimZ

Re: Hmmm - 14/01/03 12:57 PM

The majority of people who use DDoS attacks have no skill. They use gigantic mirc scripted bot nets, yes, mirc script.

DDoS can be performed by [deleted] via a simple command such as [deleted]

No skill involved what so ever. There's also the [deleted] packetting, which the skill to do that consists of very few commands and patience while any good [deleted]

There's very very few users who actually write their own exploits or know anything about how to do it without their precious little scripts and botnets. Bottom line (IMO), I know a lot of people who packet, I know a lot of people who've packetted me and later showed me how it's done (I used to suffer monstrous DDoS attacks on various sites, and servers of mine) and to my amazement it was nothing more (most times) than a +s IRC channel with hundreds of 'irc zombies' where the 'zombie master' could type[deleted]

No skill involved in my opionion. More like, a sad life in which someone trys to feel superior to people online to make themselves feel better.

moderator note: no offense Grimz, but right now i dont think we need to be giving anyone anything they might consider a learning tool. Suffice it to say the commands i deleted were very simple and as Grimz said, dont require any skill.
Posted By: GrimZ

Re: Hmmm - 15/01/03 02:44 AM

That's fine you deleted the commands, they were a mere example of many various botnet scripts I've seen.

My whole point of showing an example was not to give anyone any idea to make one or go find a botnet but rather to show that like most scripts out there, it's very very easy to do.

I don't think DALnet will 'survive' as it used to, it will continue being hit until it's dead or atleast obliterated. They probably didn't expect DALnet to lose server links (atleast the ones that left) over it and since they did probably think that was "Cool" and want to see how many more they can make leave.

I also don't believe the attacks will stop after they're done with DALnet, but rather they will go to the next biggest networks (QuakeNet, EfNET, UnderNet, WebNet, etc) which various of them already suffer DDoS and have been recently hit from what I've read.

While I can agree with whoever said "kiddies" do not have an age limit, typically most are 11-15 from my expeirence, though I've seen many 18-35 too.

With all exploits and faults avilable for virtually everything the problem isn't going to be resolved without new protocols being made. I'm not referring to IRC, but the majority of ways botnets do packet people can be patched with newer protocols but that would definitly break the way many many things work.

Perhaps one day these people can find themselves working at an ISP that gets DDoS'd non-stop and can see what it really does other than "taking it down"; it's far worse than that.
Posted By: iamghod

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 16/01/03 12:33 AM

Variables within this co-op are now mine. Say Good-Bye, Dal-Net.....
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 16/01/03 03:01 AM

Ummm, excuse my intrusion but you sound like you want it to happen... :tongue: :tongue:
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 16/01/03 09:43 PM

geez some ppl really have no reason for being online ........ and ur one of them ....... anyone wishin well to those that do harm to the internet really are one of ur lower forms of life
Posted By: The_Game

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 16/01/03 09:53 PM

oh by the way buddy, um you mis-spelled god ......tisk tisk put your computer back in the box and give it to someone that deserves it...you obviously cant use spellcheck
Posted By: pocahontas

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 24/01/03 02:02 AM

Isn't it Dalnet's back? I've been on dalnet since last week... but most friends are gone... frown
Posted By: Edward_K

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 24/01/03 07:07 AM

4 times as many client servers are online now vs a few weeks ago....ok 1x4 is still 4 :P but DALnet is definatly getting better
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: DALnet Is Soon Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 24/01/03 04:23 PM

more ppl have been able to get on DALnet over the past few days, but certainly not in the numbers they could before this started. Be patient smile
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