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Development: Unicode Fixedsys Font for mIRC

Posted By: Raccoon

Development: Unicode Fixedsys Font for mIRC - 25/12/11 07:46 AM

Ahoy. It's been a couple years since I've posted last, but here I am.

I wanted to announce that the author of the popular Fixedsys Excelsior font (the Unicode variety of mIRC's default Fixedsys.fon) has agreed to put out another update with mIRC especially in mind.

Fixedsys Excelsior was initially created some 9 years ago, and hasn't been updated in almost 5 years. A lot has changed in the font world since; OpenType, new Unicode standards, more languages, etc. So the objective is to make a really modern Unicode font that mIRC 7.x can be proud of.

I'm here asking if anyone would like to give input and suggestions or might like to help out in any way. The font currently sports 5,992 characters over a multitude of languages, including some graphic/dingbat type elements (and even cursive!). If there are any really important scripts that should be added, or if you think you can draw some glyphs (similar to drawing icons), pitch in!

Here's a list of scripts already supported:


Reply here, or join #fixedsys on EFNet.

- Raccoon

P.S. Merry Christmas!!!
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Development: Unicode Fixedsys Font for mIRC - 06/01/12 12:22 PM


I also received permission to share this.


It's a modified version of Fixedsys Excelsior 3.01, made to view at 9pt like the default Fixedsys.fon, so your line-spacing will look the same as you are used to. Also, annoying ligatures like '->' converting into an 'arrow' have been disabled.

Give it a try. Decide if you like having Unicode characters also displayed in the same weight and typeface as A-Z. Voice any suggestions or criticisms.

Posted By: slide23

Re: Development: Unicode Fixedsys Font for mIRC - 25/10/12 10:27 AM

That link no longer works, any chance of posting it again? Thanks!
Posted By: Sat

Re: Development: Unicode Fixedsys Font for mIRC - 01/04/16 10:39 PM

To the best of my knowledge, this is a copy of that file. No guarantees, use at your own risk etc; I will keep it up there as long as nobody complains.
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