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Posted By: SladeKraven Internet Connection - 17/06/07 09:31 PM
Hello guys, I've recently reformated and now my internet seems to cut out every 5 minutes, I thought it was MSN because everytime I send a voice clip, or start an audio call that's when the problem occurs, but it also seems to cut out on it's own or when I'b submitting a post on a forum. So is it my internet connection not liking TCP connections or what? It's extremely annoying to put up with, does anyone have any suggestions, anyone ever had this before?

I did have it last time I reformated and it went away after a while I can't remember if I turned on/off an option, it was a while ago.

I hope someone can help!
Posted By: shadowdemon Re: Internet Connection - 17/06/07 10:14 PM
Hi Slade

have you checked for virus ? grin
spyware ? grin
downloaded something you shouldnt ? grin

no seriously, just typed into google "internet cuts out after 5 mins"

there was no real decent answers, but i found something about

ipconfig /renew

would be helpful if you told us your Operating System, Memory, Internet connection type, ie Dialup/DSL/Cable etc.

Im sure somebody might be able to help you.

Just lurking
Posted By: SladeKraven Re: Internet Connection - 17/06/07 10:22 PM
Nope no downloads, except MSN I literally just formatted. I'm wondering if it's the wrong drivers I've installed I'm sure they were correct though. It told me the ones on my Resources CD.

Sorry, I'm using Windows XP Home, SP2, 504MB ram, and I'm on DSL.
Posted By: Bekar Re: Internet Connection - 17/06/07 10:30 PM
Done all the updates?
Posted By: shadowdemon Re: Internet Connection - 17/06/07 10:31 PM
Found yer answer

BT (British Telecom) mad (i assume too much)

Joking aside, hmmm

Looking at your memory, and OS, id have to say it could be the Modem drivers of your DSL modem, are you using a BT line but using lets say Orangeonline (or whatever they call it), or any other of those type of companies, not sure which they all are.

Im on Cable modem, with VirginMedia (formaly NTL) and havent had any probs.

i take it you are using a SpeedTouch DSL modem ? ( i could be wrong)

did you try the ipconfig /renew ?

also have you browsed the Resources CD ?
Microsoft have a habit of hiding vital stuffs
Posted By: SladeKraven Re: Internet Connection - 17/06/07 10:38 PM
Hah BT. I have no idea what I'm using, I'm not a techie sort of guy. I know I'm using wireless (bt voyager 1010) our ISP is Pipex.

I tried the ipconfig /renew to no avail.

I didn't check through the entire Resource CD, as I've ad this problem before and I could have swore I only installed the drivers they said last time, I can't remember how I got rid of this problem the last time.
Posted By: shadowdemon Re: Internet Connection - 17/06/07 10:57 PM

ok, im at a loss sorry i cant find anything i could ask around, one of my mates knows more about PC probs but its too late to phone him.

I did a bit of digging on yahoo, and it seems that the bt voyager
shares itself with the phone line, and so could be people in the household picking up the landline or the handset has not been replaced.

On a side note, a friend of mine uses BT Openworld and his internt kept disconneccting, he got an engineer out who finaly came and told him his lines were rusty and so they (BT) had to replace them (free) now he has no known probs, but he`s using the Speedtouch DSL, thats why i asked you.

other than that im sorry i cant help you any more, unless my mate knows something i dont, if i find out, ill try post back
Posted By: SladeKraven Re: Internet Connection - 17/06/07 10:59 PM
I don't think it's people picking up as it only seems to happen when I reformat. I'll keep checking too, thanks for your help. smile
Posted By: shadowdemon Re: Internet Connection - 17/06/07 11:06 PM
i would like to say No Probs....lol

No probs helping that is
(if i know an answer ill try help the best i can)
Posted By: Riamus2 Re: Internet Connection - 18/06/07 12:08 AM
See if you can find your motherboard drivers (on CD or on the website) and install them.
Posted By: sparta Re: Internet Connection - 18/06/07 07:47 AM
I have one question for you, do you use any firewall ? and do you running a virus protection on your computere, if you have a firewall, then try disable it. Still the same problem? And as i saw people talked about ipconfig /renew. But no one told you how to do so. In menu Run in windows, type cmd <press enter>, a black window pops up, there you type ipconfig -release all .. then you try write ipconfig renew . ipconfig would show you some information about your IP and connection. good luck..
Posted By: vexed2 Re: Internet Connection - 18/06/07 11:24 AM
Not everyones isp works like that.
For instance, i have to go to
There's an option in there which stops idle checks Mine was set at 5 minutes funnily enough.
Oh and i'm not sure who mentioned BT in one of their posts, i've been with them for years, and i don't get any problems smirk
Posted By: SladeKraven Re: Internet Connection - 18/06/07 12:11 PM
Thanks for the help guys, it seems to have fixed itself. crazy

When I installed AVG it stopped disconnecting me which is weird as I haven't any spyware or whatever (fresh install).

As for BT we turned to Pipex because they were useless for us lol.

Cheers guys. smile
Posted By: SladeKraven Re: Internet Connection - 20/06/07 03:15 PM
It seems I'm still having this problem, it occured when I rebooted. This is beyond a joke now. laugh It must be to do with my wireless, any ideas?
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