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Urgent Help required

Posted By: aces170

Urgent Help required - 05/03/04 07:54 PM


I am not sure whther this is the right thread to post. But i need to find some Financial managment related books, can any of you suggest an appropriate channel.

Thank you
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Urgent Help required - 05/03/04 07:59 PM

On your favorite IRC network of choice, you may type the following:

[color:990000]/list *book*
/list *money*
/list *financ*
/list *stock*[/color]

You will eventually find various business and finance channels that may contain users with opinions and experiences they could share.

- Raccoon
Posted By: PastMaster

Re: Urgent Help required - 05/03/04 10:49 PM

Try using the SearchIRC website to search several thousand networks at once.

Oh, and don't use /list on IRCnet, you'll probably get flooded off (even with wildcards)

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