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Posted By: Axius

my network - 16/02/04 08:43 AM

Er, if you feel this post is unneccessary, please delete it. I've been trying to get a network together now for about a year. I've submitted the network to various sites and organizations, and it's even listed here and there. But traffic is still minimal, only friends that I know, and the rare occasional visitor. (6 people max a week) I was wondering if the mIRC team could help me out a bit on getting my network out there. I'm about ready to recieve some new visitors. <deleted> I hope you will be willing to offer me some advice or help me out here. Thank you. smile
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: my network - 16/02/04 09:36 AM

Link your network to EFNet or DALnet or a similar, popular, network.

If it can't do this, it's probably not very important or capable of supporting any significant level of traffic. If your network can hold its own, then it shouldn't need the help of artificial influence. People will tell their friends who tell their friends and so on.
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: my network - 16/02/04 11:03 AM

I deleted your networks name out of the subject line and post because we have a policy of not allowing ppl to spam/advertise/mass invite. yes, i know its in your sig, we have been allowing that based on intent as informational and giving the benefit of the doubt that the intent isnt to invite.

I'd suggest you continue submitting your network to sites that list networks, like www.searchirc.org and http://irc.netsplit.de/networks/
With all the networks that exist, it takes time for a network to build up a following. Some ppl prefer smaller networks, others want one already well established.
Posted By: PastMaster

Re: my network - 16/02/04 11:28 AM

Some suggestions for you:

[*] Create a great website for your network, and promote it in all the usual ways (banner exchange, careful keyword choices, search engine submissions etc.)

[*] Submit your network to all the usual places, like SearchIRC, Netsplit.de etc.

[*] Try to find other people with small networks who might be interested in linking to yours - not only do you all gain in size, but can make yourselves into an international network too! Alternatively, try getting your server(s) linked to a larger network. (Obviously, there will have to be some give and take in the negotiations, and compatible ircd's...)

[*] Ask all your friends to tell all their friends on all the other networks that they're on. Encourage them to set up their own channels on your server(s), for their own friends from elsewhere. Remember, the "snowball effect" is your friend! Since mIRC has multiserver, joining multiple networks is easy.

[*] Remember that you can promote your network in the real world too! Put notices up in your workplace/school/local pub explaining what the network is for and inviting people to join you online sometime.

Hope this helps grin

Posted By: Axius

Thanks - 16/02/04 06:03 PM

Thanks for your suggestions. cool
Posted By: sparta

Re: my network - 16/02/04 08:57 PM

big networks like dalnet/quakenet/ircnet and so on dont like to link servers that are from somones home, they want to have servers from companies. the reson? they are affraid that if somone link to there net, then the next day they unlink and never return.. i have been trying to link to quakenet a cupple of times, i also tryed with irc-net, same reson there, that i running the irc-server from my home.. :tongue: so now me and my friends building ouer own network.. and it slowely growing, and soon we will start to let users connect to it.. we changed ircd so we want to make shure everything working ok befor we let all those chatters on it smirk *i just took a post and answered* wink
Posted By: Mentality

Re: my network - 16/02/04 10:56 PM

I think the more predominent reason is that home computers and home connections are rarely (or never) equal, or even close to, those that ISPs can provide. What's more, leaving your computer on all the time is not what they mean by a 24/7 connection.

One example would be that, in the UK at least, the fastest home user connection you can get is 2mbps (and that's quite new) - to link a server to DALnet in the UK you need at least 45mbps (T3) and it must be dedicated to the server alone.

99.9% (as I am not exactly an expert in this I don't say 100%, but it's probable) of computers will not meet those requirements, so networks simply say "no home computers" to prevent tedious, boring applications that aren't even worth looking at.

Best of luck with your IRC network smile

Posted By: tidy_trax

Re: my network - 16/02/04 11:30 PM

One example would be that, in the UK at least, the fastest home user connection you can get is 2mbps (and that's quite new)

you can get t1 in scotland.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: my network - 17/02/04 12:26 AM

Well, England then, and either way that still doesn't reach the T3 connections required.

Can't think of any reason to be pedantic though.

Posted By: PastMaster

Re: my network - 17/02/04 07:01 AM

Damn, we need reasons to be pedantic now? That's me out for the count then... wink

Posted By: tidy_trax

Re: my network - 17/02/04 04:45 PM

pedantic? blush
Posted By: totally

Re: my network - 18/02/04 08:20 PM

In sweden you can get 100mbps at home, really cheap , too bad I don't live there
Posted By: tidy_trax

Re: my network - 18/02/04 09:26 PM

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