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Desktop option is greyed out on an mirc window mIRC Help 31/05/13 12:23 AM
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Prevent a script from loading Scripts & Popups 14/04/12 11:54 PM
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Correct syntax to load multiple scripts? Scripts & Popups 10/04/12 05:36 AM
Any way to force a channel tree to stay minimized? mIRC Help 17/05/11 09:41 PM
Right-click disabled .. but only on second monitor mIRC Help 09/05/11 07:47 PM
Large script causes mIRC to lag mIRC Help 08/05/11 07:14 PM
Script to load ... a script? mIRC Help 07/05/11 09:09 PM
/q not working since mIRC 7.19 reinstall mIRC Help 04/05/11 04:11 AM
Flash on private message only ? mIRC Help 03/05/11 10:39 PM