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Re: A bug in DCC sends causing data loss, MIRC v6.12 Bug Reports 06/11/03 02:09 AM
Re: New DCC bug in 6.12 *EDIT: Will Crash mIRC* Bug Reports 25/10/03 12:12 PM
Re: Hide mIRC completely Feature Suggestions 25/10/03 04:16 AM
$chat().idle or on IDLE:CHAT:<interval> Feature Suggestions 19/10/03 05:56 PM
Re: 6.12 Memory Leak? Bug Reports 16/10/03 03:17 AM
Re: Put mirc back the way it used to be! Feature Suggestions 15/10/03 04:22 AM
Any Dialog Wizards for mIRC Developers 13/10/03 03:25 PM
Re: Nick mangling is a nuisance Developers 13/10/03 03:17 PM
How may I use .wid to close a window Developers 13/10/03 03:13 PM
Nick mangling is a nuisance Developers 13/10/03 03:05 PM
for () Developers 13/10/03 02:55 PM