Many of us develop our own scripts that we distribute.
mIRC must also be distributed as an original installer.

Here is my idea:

Parameters for mirc.exe enable scripts to be loaded/unloaded when the mirc.exe file is called

mirc.exe -ls myscript.mrc <- This loads a script when mirc.exe is started
mirc.exe -us myscript.mrc <- This unloads a script when mirc.exe is started

ls – is an acronym for "load script".
us – is an acronym for "Unload Script"

It would definitely increase the number of scripters relying on the original mIRC installer
rather than illegally distributing an already installed portable version of mIRC.

The solution I'm currently using is that I use a small self-programmed setup routine,
which looks for the mIRC.exe on the C: drive and then unzips my script into this folder. If this is not available, an error message appears with the link to mirc.com to download mIRC.

If mIRC is properly installed on the computer and my script is unpacked in the mIRC folder,
then I have my tool change the mIRC.ini so that the start.mrc from my script is executed as a remote script the next time mirc.exe is started.
This start.mrc then loads all addons from my scripts folder into mIRC.

It's totally complicated, but there's no other way at the moment.

Best Regards from Germany