I assume these variables are already available internally, so this would simply be a way to report them externally. Something for $hfind similar to the way $findfilen works for $findfile's command parm. For example:

//noop $hfind(table,*,0,w,echo -a the $ord($hfindn) match is $1)

Since interpreting regex macros would probably cause someone backwards compatibility problems if used in the command parm as an \escape sequence, perhaps something which holds the regex symbols being replaced by their equivalents, similar to their usage in the replacement parm of $regsubex. i.e. when regex search string is something like \(.)test(.)\g

\n -> $hfindr(\n) (this would be equivalent to $hfindr except is regex-only)
\t -> $hfindr(\t)
\2 -> $hfindr(\2) (this is the 2nd capture group not the 2nd item match)

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