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#259954 - 14/02/17 02:09 PM Allow /editbox $LF or $CRLF
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There is currently no way to populate the /editbox with multiple lines of text, unless a user is to CTRL+V their /clipboard contents to the editbox. I would like to populate the /editbox by using either the $LF character or $CRLF characters without the line being sent to the active window/channel.

If we argue that people already use $CRLF for the express purpose of sending the text to the active window, as if the user hit Enter, then may we compromise on $LF behaving as a multi-line clipboard paste or ALT+ENTER keystroke?

Otherwise an /editbox switch to explicitly define how $CRLF behaves in this regard.

Edit: The help file says the following:
The -n switch fills the editbox and presses the enter key in the editbox.

I feel the lack of the -n switch should suppress /editbox $CRLF from immediately sending to the window as if the enter key was pressed, and should instead act as a multi-line paste presently does.

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#259955 - 14/02/17 02:13 PM Re: Allow /editbox $LF or $CRLF [Re: Raccoon]
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