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Posted By: Bouncy

Peformlist-Bug - 27/10/03 10:32 AM


I found this bug happening from time to time in the current as in earlier versions of mirc.
this is - or should be - in the performlist:

/auth blabla[...]
/nick mynick123
/nick mynick

it's there because "mynick123" is the alternative to "mynick" if this one is in use. the numbers at the end are important. now this works for some time, but then suddenly mirc changes the order in the list to

/auth blabla[...]
/nick mynick
/nick mynick123

and it cannot be reset to the correct order, no matter what I try. I even tried to write-protect the performlist-file, but mirc doesn't care about it.
I don't know why or by what circumstances mirc does this, it just happens. and it's getting on my nerves, because there is this "Nick change too fast." from the server, forcing you to wait before you can change back to the desired nick...

Anyone with an idea or a workaround for this? Or is it a known bug not corrected for some reason confused
Posted By: Mentality

Re: Peformlist-Bug - 27/10/03 12:11 PM

I don't know why it does that, however, why don't you just use the 'Alternative nickname' option in ALT+O > Connect? That's what it's there for.

And if that server protection is triggered on two nick changes, then it's far too sensitive wink

Posted By: Bouncy

Re: Peformlist-Bug - 27/10/03 02:03 PM

the "Alternative Option" changes everytime to the last nick used before closing mirc. if this is "mynick^away" then I don't want this nick when I reconnect next day. so the performlist I use - or try to use - is actually a workaround for this misbehaviour of mirc...

and it's the quakenet-server that is so sensitive; you're right it's too much, but as many know it's too sensitive on other issues too wink
Posted By: greeny

Re: Peformlist-Bug - 27/10/03 02:34 PM

Use /anick.
Posted By: EVH

Re: Peformlist-Bug - 27/10/03 02:36 PM

This bug has been fixed if you would just upgrade to v6.12,
or at least upgrade to v6.03, v6.12 being the better choice
though because of that nasty DCC exploit.

From versions.txt

16/08/2002 - mIRC v6.03

1.Fixed perform on connect sorting bug.
Posted By: lonesome

Re: Peformlist-Bug - 28/10/03 07:01 PM

set your nick and alt nick in options.
during your chat session, use /tnick for any nick changes that u make. hope this helps smile
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