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Posted By: Cypris

scid - 20/10/03 08:40 PM

why does $scid($cid).id activiate my perform list to an extent?
could this be a bug?
Posted By: Collective

Re: scid - 20/10/03 08:42 PM

I don't suppose you have an alias called 'id' that identifies you with nickserv (or something similar)?
Posted By: Cypris

Re: scid - 20/10/03 08:53 PM

Just shoot me now, make it quick, i dont wanna feel it. lol, YES, i have an alias /id, im a lil tired, so explain to me how its calling /id.

Posted By: Collective

Re: scid - 20/10/03 08:58 PM

You can make custom identifiers with aliases, e.g.
alias hello {
  join #channelthatwontexist
  return hi

//echo -a $hello

When you call an alias this way all the commands in it are performed (just as if you had typed /hello).

From the mIRC helpfile:

If you specify a property which is an identifier, it returns the value of that identifier for that connection. This also works for custom identifiers.

So typing //echo -a $scid($cid).hello will also call the hello alias and perform all the commands in it.
Posted By: Cypris

Re: scid - 21/10/03 07:54 AM

ohhhh, DUH. lol.
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