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Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, But it seems I am unable to permanently remove the "*.wav, *.mid..." DCC Get Folder via the Options > DCC > Folders dialog. After I delete it, It reappears the next time I start mIRC and it's preset to $mircdir\sounds\. Shouldn't I be able to remove the listing and have all files, including *.wav and *.mid go to the Default folder?

Windows 2000 / mIRC v6.12
Instead of removing the folder, change it to the one you want them to go to.

(not that I know anything ... )
what the poster is saying is that mirc has a default entry and that they'd like to use that one INSTEAD of the separate one deleting the entry all together. In 6.1 you couldnt delete the extra entries. In 6.12 it CAN be deleted (just tried it)

EDITED the version info
It doesn't work in 6.12, either. After you delete it, Restart mIRC and it will be there again. Maybe it's just a Windows 2000 thing?
both true and minorly annoying smile If it gets removed fine, if not, Ill just leave the entries there, but I feel we should be able to remove them
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