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Major Problem with $fopen()

Posted By: topscriptz

Major Problem with $fopen() - 09/10/03 10:42 PM

simple problem, you want to check if a file has been /fopen 'd because the script halts if you try to open an already open file.

Problem is all the identifiers regarding the /fopen commands will halt when a non existing handle name is given. So writing a script with /fopen is useless. A Control-Break can prevent a script from closing the fopen file. And there is no way to check if it is open.

* Invalid parameters: $fopen

Posted By: cold

Re: Major Problem with $fopen() - 09/10/03 11:46 PM

Yeah frown. In the meanwhile, I'm using /fopen adding $ticks to some names here and there and never previously checking their existence.
Posted By: topscriptz

Re: Major Problem with $fopen() - 10/10/03 12:45 AM

I found a work around to /fclose and all you gotta do is use a wildcard name. Its not very convenient but it can work crazy
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