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Focusing on tabs

Posted By: Online

Focusing on tabs - 09/10/03 09:07 AM

For some reason, you can't set focus on tabs from the "on dialog" init event. To reproduce the bug open this dialog:
dialog bug {
  size -1 -1 120 65
  tab "one" 1, 5 5 110 60
  tab "two" 2
On *:dialog:bug:init:0:{
  did -f bug 2

Currently, only a /timer 1 0 did -f ... gets around the problem. Please fix this bug in the next version.
Posted By: Rich

Re: Focusing on tabs - 09/10/03 01:26 PM

It seems mIRC does remember that the 2nd tab has the focus, but just doesn't do anything else about it. I tried your example, and the 2nd tab did not only not get focus, but clicking on it had no effect either: I couldn't select the 2nd tab untill I clicked on the 1st tab. Pressing [->] only had efect after pressing [<-] first. The 1st tab also flickered a little when I first clicked it/pushed [<-].
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: Focusing on tabs - 09/10/03 09:42 PM

Looks to me like the order of processing is build dialog, execute mirc stuffs, then execute mirc events pertainign to dialog. Adding a 1 scond time makes it work. Wierd
Posted By: Online

Re: Focusing on tabs - 09/10/03 10:38 PM

Same here and here.
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