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renaming mirc.exe

Posted By: bluefox83

renaming mirc.exe - 22/09/03 10:21 AM

for some reason, after you rename mirc.exe it stops working!!!! you can't open it anymore, whats goin on here!?!?!?! (mirc version 6.1)
Posted By: KoRn18

Re: renaming mirc.exe - 22/09/03 10:31 AM

took me 5 seconds to look in search...

Posted By: Raccoon

Re: renaming mirc.exe - 22/09/03 10:32 AM

You can rename the mirc.exe file to any name, as long as it begins with "mirc".
This is in an attempt to discourage people from tricking users into running it, sneaking onto people's machines unbenounced to them, or simply taking credit for the author's (Khaled's) work. The last of these is the most common, with people renaming "mirc.exe" to "mystupidscript.exe".

What can you name it?

What you can't name it.
mypic.jpg                      .exe

- Raccoon
Posted By: bluefox83

Re: renaming mirc.exe - 22/09/03 10:33 AM

uhm, thanks! when i did it in search i just got the run around with "please use the back pbutton" type crap..thanks!
Posted By: pheonix

Re: renaming mirc.exe - 22/09/03 11:35 AM

if you must rename it, create shortcuts and rename them.
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