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small "bug" in /help

Posted By: WatchMinister

small "bug" in /help - 06/09/03 01:46 AM

Sorry for being an antfucker here, but why were some help topic names like 'if-then-else' removed?

I used to do /help if-then-else, the if-then-else help would popup and I'd be happy, but now I need to do something else, like /help /if, my life is complete no more.. confused
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: small "bug" in /help - 06/09/03 11:58 AM

In this case it actually makes sense as the term "then" is not used in mIRC scripting. Even though you could still call it a if-then-else, it's not exactly correct.
Posted By: codemastr

Re: small "bug" in /help - 06/09/03 04:50 PM

Yeah well seeing as how, again, many tutorials will say type /help if-then-else for the sake of consistency, it should still be there. I agree it's not the best choice of words, but have you ever seen someone come here saying, I tried:
if ($1 isnum) then {

I've never seen anyone confused by it before. Just seems like there really wasn't any reason to remove it.
Posted By: Stealth

Re: small "bug" in /help - 07/09/03 04:45 AM

The if-then-else help is still there. You just need to type /help /if

I hope this helps.
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: small "bug" in /help - 07/09/03 06:57 AM


You just need to type /help /if

He already said he'd have to do that, if you had read..
WatchMinister, why don't you do something like:
alias help {
  if ($1 == if-then-else) { help /if }
  if ($1-) { help $1- }
  if (!$1-) { help }

Just a suggestion. smile
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