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ON OPEN not working for PM

Posted By: WatchMinister

ON OPEN not working for PM - 05/09/03 03:11 PM

Just had the weirdest bug, and I wish I knew how to reproduce it.. it most likely was because my mIRC was open for 24+ hours and it didnt like it, anyway.. on *:OPEN:?:*: didn't react anymore, and on *:TEXT:*:*: didnt work for PM (?). It wasn't the way I scripted it, they were both in an empty .ini file, remotes were on, and they worked for channels (#).

Anyone else ever had this stuff?

mIRC 6.1
400mhz 192MB RAM Win98SE
Posted By: codemastr

Re: ON OPEN not working for PM - 09/09/03 08:01 PM

Any chance you could include the exact scripts you have that caused the problem?
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