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unwanted removal of spaces

Posted By: The_Real

unwanted removal of spaces - 03/09/03 06:06 PM


when ever you do /command it seems that the paramters are tokenized, which removes the spaces. This is a bit unfortunate when dealing with commands like /say /msg /notice /raw /topic etc, where you sometimes would like to have multiple whitespaces following eachother.

Posted By: ClickHeRe

Re: unwanted removal of spaces - 03/09/03 06:08 PM

This has been discussed over and over, you better use the Search Feature to get them all, and have a good reading.
Posted By: Mukke

Re: unwanted removal of spaces - 03/09/03 07:20 PM

I just searched and found _1_ thread that dealt with this particular issue. Im sorry but I did not bother to check more than the first few pages of results to my various queries.

Only it simply refered to searching as well....

Regardles of there being 1 or a million posts on the topic it is very clearly a bug. If you are unsure, I suggest you take a look at RFC 1459, and you will understand that MSG takes not a random number of arguments, but exactly 2, and that a : prepended to the last parameter will treat anything after as ONE parameter, regardles of spaces.

I fully understand that mIRC may rely on a simple way of tokenizing whatever input it receives in order to deal with commands, but it is still a bug, if this way of dealing with it results in mIRC handling a standard command like msg wrong.

If I do MSG guy mIRC is this | | bugged, I don't want mIRC to change the meaning! smile

Yes I know I can use colours or formatting codes, but this is known as a workarround, and should only be a temporary precaution while Khaled fixes the BUG.
Posted By: codemastr

Re: unwanted removal of spaces - 03/09/03 07:29 PM

It doesn't handle msg wrong. Delete your script and you will see that mIRC is quite capable of parsing incoming text that contains multiple spaces. The fact is, mIRC _scripting_ (which is not mentioned in RFC1459) is what lacks the ability to do what you suggest.
Posted By: Mukke

Re: unwanted removal of spaces - 03/09/03 07:34 PM

Let's get our stuff straight.

I'm running a clean installation of mIRC, and I'm simply typing /msg someone something with spaces.

I am not using any scripts.

I know it handles incomming messages correctly, but that has nothing to do with the point.

It also has a fine calculator and I also think it has a channel list. But that too is irelevant, so let's stick to the point.

The point being.
I can start telnet and message my friend somethign with spaces.

I can't do this with mIRC unless I first open a window with him and then type in that window. Ie. I can't just use the /msg command.
Posted By: codemastr

Re: unwanted removal of spaces - 03/09/03 07:36 PM

Well, please show me where RFC1459 mentions /msg? It doesn't. The reason is, /msg is an mIRC command, not an IRC command. If mIRC wanted, it could have decided that /msg will only allow text starting with the letter 'h' and it wouldn't be breaking anything mentioned in RFC1459.
Posted By: Mukke

Re: unwanted removal of spaces - 03/09/03 07:44 PM


No point in arguing.

From what you are saying, mIRC, probably the most widely used IRC client, does not support the most basic IRC command.

Whatever. This is my last post on this topic.
Posted By: Nem3sis

Re: unwanted removal of spaces - 03/09/03 08:07 PM

/msg is not a basic IRC command, it is a basic mIRC command which may also be adopted by other clients.

mIRC has the limitation that multiple spaces are lost when sent through a /command, thats the way it is and probably the way it will remain
Posted By: codemastr

Re: unwanted removal of spaces - 03/09/03 11:33 PM

The RFC1459 makes NO mention on what a client must allow the user to do. I don't know where you're getting this from. I agree mIRC should support multiple spaces, however, it is not a protocol violation that it doesn't. If you want to disagree, that's your choice, but I've read RFC1459 upwards of 500 times, I'm very familiar with what it says and doesn't say.
Posted By: J077

Re: unwanted removal of spaces - 05/09/03 04:18 PM

i've had the same problem... i wanted to filter text with on *:TEXT: etc... displaying chanserv messages for example... they do contain multiple spaces - $1, $2 etc return the tokenized words, but why doesnt $1- return the whole string including all multiple spaces in it? ;(
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