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Scripts/Editor bugs.

Posted By: Frog

Scripts/Editor bugs. - 02/09/03 05:08 AM

FIrst off, I don't care if this has been posted previously. I'm too pissed off right now to look. (My mood has nothing to do with this post, so ignore my arrogance right now.)

Anyway. Not only did mIRC not have half my remotes loaded when I started it 5 minutes ago, but when I right click on the editor button to view/edit a script, half of them don't show up in there anyway. Bug? I think so.

No, I don't have 100 scripts loaded. 7 max, if that. And only about 4 are showing up.

Anyway, I have school in 6 hours, so I need sleep. Tomorrow's gonna be a day. Heard some things about some stuff, which is why i'm in the mood I'm in. Anyway..later,

Posted By: vasil_michev

Re: Scripts/Editor bugs. - 02/09/03 07:41 AM

As far as I can remember it, the versions.txt file says you'll get a list of most recently used script files there
But I get them all smile
And clicking on any of them does nothing...
Posted By: Doomstars

Re: Scripts/Editor bugs. - 02/09/03 09:23 AM

This is an old bug that hasn't been fixed in years. Very hard to reproduce. Others have complained about it. Not operating system specific either, since I've been changing over the years. Now and then, the scripts from remotes will be unloaded for whatever reason. Hence why I keep a back-up of mirc.ini.
Posted By: Teazle

Re: Scripts/Editor bugs. - 02/09/03 01:44 PM

ive had that to, only a few times though.
the remote list is cleared entirely in my case.
its irritating, but just load the scripts again?
Posted By: Angua

Re: Scripts/Editor bugs. - 03/09/03 12:37 PM

i've had that 5 or 6 times, using some version later than 5.41, in all the time .. doesn't happen often, but i remember it distinctly. personally i've taken it as hint to write a small scriptfile which will unload all your scripts, and reload them, if needed. but yes, i wasn't ever able to reproduce it properly.
Posted By: Stealth

Re: Scripts/Editor bugs. - 08/09/03 07:50 PM

If you are haveing a problem with scripts unloading themselves, try this code:
on *:START:{
  if ($script(0) < 4) {
    if ($script(script1.mrc) == $null) { load -rs script1.mrc }
    if ($script(script2.mrc) == $null) { load -rs script2.mrc }
    if ($script(script3.mrc) == $null) { load -rs script3.mrc }

This code goes in script.mrc, so it will be loaded by default if the scripts are unloaded. I created it after mIRC unloaded my scripts, and it works fine.
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