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Posted By: SnakeRulez

bug!!! - 31/08/03 07:23 PM

look at this picture in the %pecent of complete


Posted By: codemastr

Re: bug!!! - 31/08/03 07:24 PM

Is that 6.1?
Posted By: SnakeRulez

Re: bug!!! - 31/08/03 07:30 PM

here another picture
and i forgot what a version of mirc this is

and when it complete to download the file its not work :\
Posted By: SnakeRulez

Re: bug!!! - 01/09/03 02:39 PM

and i found another bug i thing, and this is 6.1 :
when i am selecting the text "Sending file
Transfer complete" when the dcc send complete and i am moving the cursor the the left side the text are changing to "Initiating DCC Send
Sending request
Awaiting reply
Connection established
Sending file
Transfer complete"
how i know? i do right click and copy..
Posted By: Khaled

Re: bug!!! - 01/09/03 05:05 PM

It looks like the ctcp send message that you received sent an invalid file size, and sent a larger file than it indicated was going to be sent.

No plans on changing this, since technically mIRC is showing the correct information.
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