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Posted By: trenzterra Colours dialog bug - 30/08/03 02:19 PM
In the new mIRC 6.1, when you set a new colour using /color, and you go to the Colour Dialog, it will revert back to the selected scheme. This shouldn't happen...
Posted By: Ancyker Re: Colours dialog bug - 30/08/03 05:41 PM
It also happens when u close and open mIRC...!
Posted By: trenzterra Re: Colours dialog bug - 31/08/03 01:50 AM
yes, i hope this is fixed in the new version because it affects my themes system.
Posted By: peppie Re: Colours dialog bug - 04/09/03 12:57 PM
This very annoying indeed. As far as I can see you can't save color schemes with a command either, so there is no way to keep these colors.
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