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multibyte characters bug in v6.1

Posted By: s2s

multibyte characters bug in v6.1 - 30/08/03 11:42 AM

so disappointed with new version 6.1, multibyte characters(chinese/japanese/etc) still mess up when selecting/marking text from channel, same as v6.03.

install back to v6.02.
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: multibyte characters bug in v6.1 - 31/08/03 06:07 PM

I may be misunderstanding, but are you referring to the sending out ??????? issue? Have you tried changing the default regional setting to Japanese for non-Unicode programs (under Control Panel -> Regional >Settings) ?
Posted By: s2s

Re: multibyte characters bug in v6.1 - 01/09/03 03:20 AM

i have no problem to send/display/read chinese/japanese characters. the problem is, when you select/mark the text with the mouse by pressing the left mouse-button and dragging it, the characters under the line you are marking will mess up. when you release mouse button, they are back to normal. this problem exists in version 6.1 & 6.03, v6.02 works just fine.
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