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Switchbar Bug

Posted By: UrbanPuppet

Switchbar Bug - 22/08/03 12:13 AM

I don't know if this has been mentioned here before, so I'll mention it now, as I have no idea what I would search for. I wrote a small script to find each "mysql_connect" in my phpbb dir and replace it with "mysql_pconnect". The script took a little while to process, and I pinged out on a server that I made small by alt+clicking the status window. With auto-reconnect on, mirc reconnected me, my on connect script joined channels, but the icon was still the one from when i alt+clicked it. It seems pretty minor, but none-the-less, a bug.
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: Switchbar Bug - 22/08/03 05:00 AM

ur right, it should either maintaint the "hidden" list of buttons for that network, or got back to original icon... Good observation >:D
Posted By: mIRCManiac

Re: Switchbar Bug - 03/04/06 12:30 PM

Old thread but I found this by searching before posting.

Yeah this is pretty annoying, the icon remains and the
Status window button still gets highlighted. It seems as
if the alt+click state is held in memory no matter what
until you alt+click again. It seems to me that if none of
the windows effected by the alt+click are no longer
hidden, then the hidden state for the connection should
be released. I find myself constantly toggling alt+click
to fix this.

Maybe change it to where the icon is changed and
the status button gets highlighted if any channel, query
or chat windows are hidden, regardless of the method
of hiding the window(s) (alt+click or /window -h) and
when the last hidden window of these kind is restored,
the icon and highlight are restored as well, also regardless
of the method.


~ Edit ~
I don't think custom windows should effect this either way.
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