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Posted By: oS_Brad A real /splay bug - 29/06/03 06:04 AM
/splay will not open files on networked computers

for example, $isfile(//mp3serv/taco.mp3) could return $true, but

/splay //mp3serv/taco.mp3

will not play, it says the file does not exist

mIRC should work with networked computers, I'm sick of mapping network drives for old programs.
Posted By: MTech Re: A real /splay bug - 01/07/03 02:58 PM
smile my mirc freezes when i splay a small mp3 :P

1100MHz amd duron
128 mb ram
win98 4.10 - 1998

i think thats a mirc issue, not my system
Posted By: ParaBrat Re: A real /splay bug - 01/07/03 10:02 PM
mIRC doesnt play the music, it sends the request to windows to play. If it was a mIRC issue rather than your system, how is it that others have no probs with /splay? Even using win98se with its lovely builtin memory leak, i have no prob with /splay. I cant say win98's memory leak has never frozen mIRC, but in every case its windows, not mIRC at fault.
Posted By: Strider Re: A real /splay bug - 02/07/03 12:35 AM
How small might a "small mp3" be?
Posted By: oS_Brad Re: A real /splay bug - 07/07/03 12:23 AM
Please do not hijack this thread, we are talking about networked files.
Posted By: matt Re: A real /splay bug - 15/07/03 03:11 PM
/splay //mp3serv/taco.mp3

No, that should be: /splay \\mp3serv\taco.mp3 .
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