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Posted By: Tasha

/Splay - 28/06/03 06:09 AM

I'm using mIRC 6.03.
When I use /splay to play mp3s, I find I can only listen to 128kbps files. Anything higher/lower than 128kbps it produces a scrambled sound.
I've redownloaded mIRC, i've tried other sound cards, and played the same mp3s on a different player and they work fine.
Does anyone have any ideas why I cannot play my non-128kbps files on mIRC?
Posted By: RG_

Re: /Splay - 28/06/03 12:05 PM

mIRC has no responsibility of that since it just uses windows MCI to play sounds.
I guess that the problem is with your windows.

Check this out.

*** Edit: i added the link to Khaled's post.
Posted By: Tasha

Re: /Splay - 28/06/03 10:56 PM

Thanks RG =)
Think i'm going to format and start over.
I never had this problem before when I used WinXP, mind you, then I formatted and used Win2K, then upgraded after 2 weeks to WinXP and I think that may have caused the problem.
Thank you for the link to the other /splay problem, that helped a lot =)
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