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/run command error message

Posted By: TrioAshburry

/run command error message - 24/05/22 11:51 AM

I noticed when you /run blah.exe there is no error message saying the file does not exist. I am not sure if this is an bug or not. I seem to remember mIRC having an error message to a failed /run command. Just thought you should know.
Posted By: Wims

Re: /run command error message - 25/05/22 03:04 PM

That's correct, /run used to have error messages, this is because /run used a different method internally at the time, it was changed to use a different method to solve an issue with it triggering windows message.

It was not overlooked but changed knowing it would no longer report errors, and it looks like they were more but not obvious reasons to use the new method.

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