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/sockudp -k not working under 7.x

Posted By: DooMaster

/sockudp -k not working under 7.x - 27/03/22 01:18 AM


I've been trying to reproduce a /sockudp bug and finally after few hours i saw that is only working under 6.35 , probably here the /sockudp needs a -a flag (same as /bset)

; execute this command including that event to reproduce the bug
//sockudp -k test 50008 $str($chr(255),4) $+ challenge rcon

  var %test
  sockread -f %test

  echo -a IS: %test

Posted By: maroon

Re: /sockudp -k not working under 7.x - 27/03/22 10:53 AM

We figured it out, need to use /bset -tac to put the string in without utf8 conversion, then can use

sockudp -k test ipv4address port &binvarname
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