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Posted By: TECO

Treebar (Expand All) - 16/03/22 06:26 PM

Hi Khaled,

I had already checked this in the previous beta and it remains the same in the latest beta 7.67.6026, which is as follows:

When I open mIRC and it connects to the IRC networks I've chosen sometimes (randomly) the Notify folder doesn't expand across all networks.
It doesn't happen on one network specifically, but it does (randomly) happen on any network.

I leave an example image:
[Linked Image from i.ibb.co]
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Treebar (Expand All) - 17/03/22 02:57 PM

Thanks this issue should be fixed in the next beta.
Posted By: TECO

Re: Treebar (Expand All) - 18/03/22 02:04 PM

Thank you Khaled for your work and quick solutions to reported issues!

Hug wink
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