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Windows 11 Issue

Posted By: Louiscohen2006

Windows 11 Issue - 06/10/21 05:48 AM

I upgraded my PCo Windows 11 Pro. mIRC starts fine, but when I double click on a nick, the text box opens but there is no line at the bottom of the box for input.

Is there a setting to fix this, or a bug with mIRC for Windows 11?

Posted By: Khaled

Re: Windows 11 Issue - 06/10/21 07:05 AM

Thanks for your bug report. I don't currently have Windows 11, so I cannot test this. If anyone else here has Windows 11, please let us know if you can see the same issue.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Windows 11 Issue - 06/10/21 02:41 PM

I have just installed Windows 11 Pro and was not able to reproduce the issue you describe.

With mIRC v7.67, if I join a channel and then double-click on a nickname, either in the channel nick list or a nickname in the window, it opens a query window with an editbox at the bottom, as expected.

Are you using any scripts/addons/DLLs with mIRC?

Can you please type the following in your status window and report the result?

//echo -a $os $version $iif($beta,04 $+ $beta $+ ) $md5($mircexe,2) $file($mircexe).sig $alias(0) $script(0) $dll(0) $com(0)
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