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Tried on a couple of networks that run AnonIRCd IRCd and double clicking on a chan doesn't open the dialog, other clients show the settings/info.
Thanks for your bug report. The most common reason for issues with non-standard icds is that the ircd is not replying in the correct format. Can you provide the names/addresses of the IRC networks, so that I can test this?
It's this one https://sageru.org/irc. I have no idea what is all that stuff or the server about but I wanted to connect to test its functionality and noticed that when you double click it's not working, tried with few other clients and it worked so, just wanted you to know about it.
Right. As far as I can tell, this ircd does not respond to mode +b requests to return a ban list. The /channel command needs a reply to this in order to display the current ban list and assumes that since this is a standard part of the RFC, an ircd will always reply to it. This particular ircd appears to have been modified in ways that mean that many of the standard behaviours of an ircd may not be present.
Oh I see, yeah well, it's a weird one for sure, thanks for checking!
Looking at the /channel code, it should be possible to change it so that it opens the channel central dialog immediately, while the /mode +b is in progress in the background. This would make the channel central dialog accessible even on servers that don't reply to /mode +b. It also makes /channel more predictable, ie. it currently appears suddenly once the /mode +b has completed, which could take several seconds. This change should be in the next beta.
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