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$bfind().regex N parm

Posted By: maroon

$bfind().regex N parm - 23/08/20 03:18 AM

In 7.63. When using the .regex prop with $bfind, in the $2 parm it treats everything except $null the same as if '1' were used, even using text strings. In this example, I can't get it to search beginning anywhere past position 1 in order to find the 274 unless i use the /g modifier then search across all $reml(foo,N)'s for the matching text.

//bset -t &v 1 2z45678274 | echo -a $bfind(&v,2,(\x32.\x34),foo).regex -> regexmatch $regml(foo,1) pos $regml(foo,1).pos vs $bfind(&v,1,$asc(2)) vs $bfind(&v,2,$asc(2))

even when changing N to '2' or 'deadbeef', result is always: 1 -> regexmatch 2z4 pos 1 vs 1 vs 8

Only when the $2 parm is null does $bfind return $null and not clear the $regml(foo,N)'s.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: $bfind().regex N parm - 25/08/20 02:43 PM

Thanks for your bug report. This issue has been fixed for the next version.
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