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Bot login issue

Posted By: ovelayer

Bot login issue - 21/08/20 12:22 PM

wanted to report that an issue that started with 7.62 is still in 7.63
ofcourse like most i use mirc for a bot/s .. i bot log's into its companions so we can all chat through dcc..
usually when the main bot starts i use a timer to cycle through all the other users.. and it initiate's chat with them.. it can be up to 50 @ times..
usually it can login to everybody just fine.. but sence 7.62 it will stop usually around 19-20..
its not the way it log's it.. its done it this way for yrs.. something changed somewhere.. so just thought i would report as i have
noticed it on the latest 2 builds..
thanks for you time! and keep up the good work!
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Bot login issue - 21/08/20 12:50 PM

Thanks for your bug report. Unfortunately, it is not clear what issue you are reporting.

It sounds like you are using a script that is not working in the way that you expect. If that is the case, you would need to add debugging code to your script to track down where it is failing. Normally, you would need to narrow down the cause of a script issue to a particular command. This would allow us to test out that command to try to the reproduce the issue.

In addition, were you using v7.61 before v7.62? Was your script working for you in v7.61?
Posted By: ovelayer

Re: Bot login issue - 21/08/20 12:58 PM

yes before 7.62 this has never been an issue..
when the main bot joins the channel it uses an alias to cycle thru the nicks creating a unique timer for each to initiate the chat making sure a timer is not allready present.
i've never had a problem with this routine until 7.62..
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Bot login issue - 21/08/20 04:10 PM

Thanks for the feedback.

Can you create a simple script that reproduces the issue for you?

For example, you say that your current script uses an alias to cycle through nicknames in the channel you are on, creates a timer for each one, and then that timer does something?

Can you create a simplified version of your script that reproduces the issue? Such as a simple, short alias that performs the above, based on your current script, and at the end it does something, for example, an "/echo" that displays a message for each completed timer. This should tell you whether it is completing its task or not.

Debugging a script, and tracking down the precise cause of an issue, is a really important part of programming/scripting. It is usually the only way that an issue can be tracked down and fixed.
Posted By: ovelayer

Re: Bot login issue - 21/08/20 06:21 PM

@ this point i would like to take the time to apologize.. it seems i placed a %n where a %m should have been.. once corrected everything is fine .. version 7.63 even fixed the random crashes.. i am sorry to have wasted your time on something trivial. frown

but so you can see what i was refering to:

alias StartChat {
  hadd -m startup.pause pause 1
  var %m = 1
  while ($fline($hget(Sports.bot.settings,Sports.Chan),$hget(Sports.bot.settings,Player.Prefix),%m,1).text) {
    var %stmp = $v1
    if (!$chat(%stmp)) .timer 1 %m /dcc chat %stmp 
    inc %m
  hfree -w startup.pause*
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Bot login issue - 21/08/20 07:52 PM

No problem, glad you found the cause :-)
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