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InspIRCd 3 +H Bug

Posted By: drowsy

InspIRCd 3 +H Bug - 04/10/19 12:14 AM

So I enabled channel mode +H 20:2h for a channel and a lot of people are having mIRC crashes soon as they join. If I -H the channel they stop crashing.

They are using mIRC 7.57

Here is more on the InspIRCd 3 module.

Posted By: Khaled

Re: InspIRCd 3 +H Bug - 04/10/19 06:23 AM

Thanks for your bug report. I have not been able to reproduce an issue with +H so far, in v7.57, the latest beta, or previous versions of mIRC.

On which IRC network does this happen? I connected to testnet.inspircd.org, which is running InspIRCd 3.0, to test this.

Are you using v7.57 yourself? Your mIRC should be receiving the same mode changes as other clients. And if you part and rejoin the channel, you will receive the same channel history messages as well.

If you run another copy of mIRC v7.57 and join the same channel, so that you have two copies of mIRC on that channel, and then change the /mode +H setting, are you able to reproduce this issue? ie. make one of your own copies of mIRC crash?
Posted By: Khaled

Re: InspIRCd 3 +H Bug - 05/10/19 10:15 AM

Following up on this:

InspIRCd supports a large number of IRCv3 options that can affect the format of server messages sent to a client. This includes the channel history messages sent to a user on joining a channel that has +H enabled.

I have installed InspIRCd and enabled various combinations of IRCv3 options but have not been able to reproduce this issue so far.

I would need to know the IRC network you are using in order to test this out.

Alternatively, please post the CAPS messages you see when you first connect to the server. They will look like this:

Caps supported: account-notify account-tag away-notify batch cap-notify chghost echo-message extended-join invite-notify message-tags server-time tls
Caps set: account-notify account-tag away-notify batch cap-notify chghost extended-join invite-notify server-time
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