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Posted By: antonstarlid

Hide [join/kicks/part/quit] - 04/09/19 08:59 PM

I found out that mIRC is show empty line in current active window when this event seems to happen.

Is really enjoying when it does that instead of just skip it, if it is a channel whit alot of those events its hard to fallow the flow.

Is it this way this function should be? This is also a mIRC running whitout any scripts.

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Hide [join/kicks/part/quit] - 06/09/19 11:54 AM

Thanks for your bug report. I have not been able to reproduce this issue here so far.

Is this happening with a specific event? Or with all of these events?

Can you please type the following command into mIRC and post the result?

//echo -a $os $version $beta $md5($mircexe,2) $file($mircexe).sig $alias(0) $script(0) $dll(0) $com(0)
Posted By: antonstarlid

Re: Hide [join/kicks/part/quit] - 07/09/19 10:38 AM

Hi, and thanks for your replay, i have to debug this more as i don´t know how to reproduce it at the moment...

I think it happens on all events atm, but as i told i need to test it more.

The results are "10 7.57 b78b7743f9e6a5f56699e1387bf6ad62 none 1 44 2 0", but at the moment i run the old NoNameScript.

But also a clean mIRC whit no scripts/addons give strange results in the chat window, i come back here when i know more.

In my case it a sad situation as i only use NoNameScript for the theme i use and the theme engine in it, its sad that mIRC don´t have a real one in the core...
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Hide [join/kicks/part/quit] - 07/09/19 01:04 PM

If you find a way to reproduce it, please let us know.
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