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Clibpboard paste issue

Posted By: Khaled

Clibpboard paste issue - 17/01/19 12:01 PM

I have received a report from a user that I have been unable to reproduce. I was wondering whether anyone else here can reproduce it.

Set Options/Display/Options/Editbox lines to "Single".
Set Options/Other/Confirm/Confirm when pasting to 1 line.

In the status window, copy one or more lines and then use shift+insert or control+v to paste the lines. The confirm paste dialog will appear. Now click "Yes".

The user is reporting that the lines to be pasted are appearing in the Confirm paste dialog, as they should, but when they click "Yes", no lines are pasted.

The user sees the same issue in a clean install.

Can anyone else here reproduce this?
Posted By: Dazuz

Re: Clibpboard paste issue - 17/01/19 02:52 PM

Could not reproduce it with the latest beta or 7.54.
Posted By: Wims

Re: Clibpboard paste issue - 17/01/19 03:36 PM

Cannot reproduce on 7.54, maybe his lines starts with a / or the command character?
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