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sorting logs by date

Posted By: jerod

sorting logs by date - 13/12/18 01:51 PM

just upgraded to the new version today, 7.53, and now I cant view logs sorted by date, no matter what I click on it sorts them by name. help!
Posted By: maroon

Re: sorting logs by date - 13/12/18 09:42 PM

This should be moved to Bug Reports, as I'm seeing this in 7.53 but not in 7.52

I hadn't even noticed there *was* a date column, because the log window is too narrow for the columns, and even when you drag the unused 'folder' column narrow, it's back to being fat again the next time you open the log window.

I do see it sorted by size after clicking on that column header, but there's no effect from clicking on the date column.

In older versions there used to be a dropdown menu to select the sort order, but that's gone.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: sorting logs by date - 17/12/18 06:06 PM

Thanks for your bug report. This issue has been fixed for the next version.
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