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Owner status, +q mode and prefix

Posted By: Wims

Owner status, +q mode and prefix - 13/12/18 11:37 AM

I didn't get any reply for this https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/250559/
But I also believe the current way this is handled is buggy.

On irc.swiftirc.net, channel mode +q is definitely for owner mode, however this network does not provide a prefix for it. On (de)owner events do trigger on +q/-q but the rest doesn't work, isowner operator, $nick() etc, this is more or less expected if these features use the prefix.

However I ran myself an unrealircd server which is configured to provide prefix for +q owner, events trigger correctly, $nick() with either the 'q' parameter or the prefix itself (~ in my case) also works, however the isowner operator does not work, which seems to be a bug, either that or the fact that on owner triggers is inconsistent, maybe that's the issue...

Is it a bug for the isowner operator not to work, or should the event not trigger?

Are there no plan to add support for +a mode?
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Owner status, +q mode and prefix - 09/10/19 10:08 AM

Thanks for your bug report. The on OWNER/OP/HELP/VOICE events are necessarily hard-coded to specific mode characters "qohv", however in some places the code was also using the hard-coded nickname prefix. In the case of "q", this used to be ".", which is the original server implementation of the owner event. I have made a change to the next beta that should resolve this.
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