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mIRC 7.52 is freezing a little bit

Posted By: tuvok

mIRC 7.52 is freezing a little bit - 09/03/18 06:53 PM

Hello Guys,
i have a Problem with my mIRC since the last Beta 7.51 2XXX
and the new 7.52 the mIRC is freezing a little bit ..

i can write on a Channel but i can not click on a new channel .. when i do this, the mIRC goes in the Background

You can see this on the small Video
Posted By: Khaled

Re: mIRC 7.52 is freezing a little bit - 09/03/18 07:11 PM

Thanks for your bug report. I have not been able to reproduce this issue yet. Can you provide a step by step method that reproduces this? Here is the method I used:

1.Connect to an IRC server.
2.Join several channels.
3.Click on the channels in the treebar.

When I do the above, mIRC switches between channels, as expected.
Posted By: tuvok

Re: mIRC 7.52 is freezing a little bit - 09/03/18 07:36 PM

Hi Khaled,

yes for me work this also fine .. this is my problem .. i can also not reproduce this bug its very sporadically

since mircb7512458

its very strange .. and i have no idea..
i was back from my work and i have open the mIRC from the tray it works .. than i have do other things .. and co back to the Client and i have this problems.. and than i have make this video when i close the mIRC and open it, than i have no Problems
Posted By: Khaled

Re: mIRC 7.52 is freezing a little bit - 10/03/18 09:43 AM

Looking at the code, I can see no changes between mIRC v7.51 and v7.52 in how the treebar is handled. There have been no changes to how clicking on a channel in the treebar works.

In situations like this, the only way to track down the issue is for you to test mIRC using a minimal installation, with no scripts/DLLs/addons, to see if the issue still happens. If it does not, the issue is likely due to a script/DLL/addon.

Also, mIRC has no feature where clicking on an item in the treebar minimizes the whole of mIRC, which seems to be what is happening in your video, so it may be that another application is interferring in some way.
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