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[beta] /color @name @index fails

Posted By: FroggieDaFrog

[beta] /color @name @index fails - 13/12/17 09:20 PM

With the current 7.51.351 beta, /color can't be used to set an event's default color for the extended color indexes 16-98:

; /color: invalid parameters
/color text 64

Furthermore, the palette in the color-options dialog should be extended to display the full palette
Posted By: Wims

Re: [beta] /color @name @index fails - 15/12/17 04:13 AM

I support the suggestion, but how is this a bug exactly? the note in the beta.txt specifically says the support was added for ^K
Posted By: maroon

Re: [beta] /color @name @index fails - 15/12/17 06:56 AM

Even though the note only mentions ^K, the 16-98 color support was added to other commands at the same time, even though those items were not specifically mentioned too, so the mentioned item looks like a miss:

/cnick nick 64
/debug 64 @debug
/echo 64 -a test
//echo -a $color(64)
/loadbuf 20 -c64 @win logs\filename.log
/drawdot @pic 64 20 50 50
/drawline @pic 64 15 20 20 100 20
/drawfill @pic 64 20 20 30 30
/drawtext @pic 64 1 1 test

The only color-related items which I've identified as not supporting the new color indexes are the ones having a menu item associated with a dropdown that hasn't yet been updated to show the new colors, even if there's a direct /command method that's equivalent.

For example, the address menu for nick colors has a place to set all OP to red using a dropdown list of 16 colors, but it can also be done with an alternate method like "/cnick * 4 @" but /cnick won't allow index 64. /color text 64 is in the same category where the /command method doesn't support indexes not yet shown in the Alt-K dialog.

Other items like options/display/highlight and display/options/marker still only have the 16/17 item color dialog and don't have a /command alternative of setting them.

Obviously a 98 item dropdown window isn't going to be a good solution, so if/when the Alt-K dialog is updated to show all the color indexes, the 16/17 item dropdown will probably get replaced with a square grid of color indexes. Possibly the same grid-of-squares that makes its way into the Alt-K dialog.
Posted By: Wims

Re: [beta] /color @name @index fails - 15/12/17 11:43 AM

Agreed, but none of what you said makes it a bug.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: [beta] /color @name @index fails - 16/12/17 09:34 PM

Thanks for your bug report. As you mentioned, commands that have associated user interface options are limited to the user interface range. These are currently on my to-do list for extending in the future.
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