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/timername -e implementation

Posted By: Wims

/timername -e implementation - 21/11/17 05:55 PM

/timername -e is executing the associated command of the timer by actually triggering the timer, changing the setting of the timer. It 'sets' the number of second left before the timer triggers to 0 which as a result decrease the number of repetition of the timer.
This behavior came as a surprise to me, the help file is also not mentioning this.

If this is a bug but can't be fixed because of backward comp, please consider adding /timer -eN with N = 0 (default) for the current behavior and N = 1 for just executing the command without changing the settings of the timer. Please also update the help file to be explicit about this.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: /timername -e implementation - 22/11/17 09:38 AM

Thanks for your bug report. This is behaving as it should. The purpose of -e is to execute the timer. The help file description has been changed to match versions.txt:

153.Aded /timer -e switch which executes the specified timer name immediately if it exists.
Posted By: Wims

Re: /timername -e implementation - 23/11/17 03:15 PM

Ok, thanks.
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