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Posted By: splinny Overcrowded channels [twitch] - 14/05/15 01:17 PM
Is it mIRC or twitch problem, when you join some channel (twitch.tv) with 10k+ users, you cant recieve any nicks at all. But you still recieve channel messages while it is [#channel (twitch,yournick) [1]].
Posted By: FroggieDaFrog Re: Overcrowded channels [twitch] - 14/05/15 02:18 PM
This is a twitch thing, not mIRC.
Posted By: westor Re: Overcrowded channels [twitch] - 17/05/15 10:56 AM
EDIT: It's an twitch bug, i had try it in other clients and same results as mirc so you have to contact to the twitch to resolve it.

100% reproduce it.
Posted By: Sat Re: Overcrowded channels [twitch] - 19/05/15 02:02 PM
I have no experience with twitch, but this might actually be intentional: with channels that large, the joins/parts/quits would create an incredible amount of useless noise, and for that reason, some IRC servers support an "auditorium mode" (or something similar) which hides channel users from each other.
Posted By: splinny Re: Overcrowded channels [twitch] - 22/06/15 12:21 PM
update: now its restricted to 1k users
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