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Posted By: Zarthus Numeric 328 is never shown. - 26/08/14 05:34 PM
mIRC does not listen to numeric 328, which seems to be related to the displaying of an URL. I'm not sure if this is RFC-approved (I couldn't find it anyways), but other clients seem to correctly use this numeric (Weechat, Irssi, HexChat)

-> availo.esper.net PART #zarthus
-> availo.esper.net JOIN #zarthus
<- :Zarthus!Zarthus@zarth.us PART #zarthus
<- :Zarthus!Zarthus@zarth.us JOIN #zarthus
-> availo.esper.net MODE #zarthus
<- :availo.esper.net 332 Zarthus #zarthus :snip
<- :availo.esper.net 333 Zarthus #zarthus Zarthus!Zarthus@zarth.us 1408901904
<- :availo.esper.net 353 Zarthus = #zarthus :snip
<- :availo.esper.net 366 Zarthus #zarthus :End of /NAMES list.
<- :services.esper.net 328 Zarthus #Zarthus :http://some.url
<- :DerpServ!Herp@derp.services.esper.net MODE #zarthus +o Zarthus
<- :availo.esper.net 324 Zarthus #zarthus +CFgnt
<- :availo.esper.net 329 Zarthus #zarthus 1395694735

Showing up in client as
(19:33:27) * Attempting to rejoin channel #zarthus
(19:33:27) * Rejoined channel #zarthus
(19:33:27) * Topic is 'snip'
(19:33:27) * Set by Zarthus!Zarthus@zarth.us on Sun Aug 24 19:38:24 2014
(19:33:27) * DerpServ sets mode: +o Zarthus

/msg chanserv help set url (Atheme)
(19:27:18) -ChanServ- ***** ChanServ Help *****
(19:27:18) -ChanServ- Help for SET URL:
(19:27:19) -ChanServ-  
(19:27:19) -ChanServ- SET URL allows you to change or set the URL
(19:27:19) -ChanServ- associated with a channel. This is shown
(19:27:19) -ChanServ- to all users joining the channel.
(19:27:19) -ChanServ-  
(19:27:19) -ChanServ- Syntax: SET <#channel> URL [url]
(19:27:19) -ChanServ-  
(19:27:19) -ChanServ- Example:
(19:27:19) -ChanServ-     /msg ChanServ SET #chat URL http://slashdot.org
(19:27:19) -ChanServ- ***** End of Help *****
Posted By: FroggieDaFrog Re: Numeric 328 is never shown. - 26/08/14 07:06 PM
As far as a standardized nummeric, Its not, but apparently there's no conflicts with it's use as RPL_CHANNEL_URL as explained HERE. As far as it being a bug, due to it not being standardized, and it'd be simple enough to code a handler for it I don't feel that this falls into the catagory

I haven't found a way to test, but the following should mimic outputting the text as though it was native:

raw 328:*:{
  if ($1 == $me && $2 ischan) {
    echo -tc info2 $2 * Channel URL: $3-
Posted By: Khaled Re: Numeric 328 is never shown. - 26/08/14 09:32 PM
Thanks for your post. mIRC does have support for this numeric, however it does not display it. mIRC extracts the URL and places it in the URLs List. Currently, if you need to display the URL, this can be done using the raw numeric as in the above post.
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