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Posted By: KerryEDavis

Edit Box Scroll - 09/04/14 09:45 PM

Back in 7.12 or something that I was using before, I had the Editbox Lines set to Automatic. If I typed something that pushed the Editbox out to more than one line, and if I deleted all (or most) of that entry (e.g., Ctrl-A then Del), I could still scroll through the Editbox with just up/down-arrow.

I just updated to 7.32, and that no longer works. I can scroll up with just up-arrow until I hit a multi-line entry, but then I MUST use ctrl-up-arrow to get past it.

Deleting all (or most) of that entry - which actually puts the Editbox back to a single line - no longer works, in the sense of allowing plain up-arrow to scroll past what is now a one-line entry.

Given the previous bug/fix of 7.31, this may not be considered so much a "bug" but it is a change of behavior, and I suspect it's a side-effect "bug" of the fix in 7.31 for evidently not saving Editbox lines at all.

And for the sake of consistency, a single-line Editbox entry, even if it wasn't that way to start with, should allow for up-arrow to scroll past it.

Something I just checked: If I've been working on - i.e., editing in the Editbox - a message that has not yet been sent, if I type more than one line I can't use just up-arrow. But if I delete part of what I've been typing so it goes back to 1 line, IN THAT CASE plain up-arrow does work again.

It should behave the same if I go back to a previously-entered message and delete enough of it that the Editbox goes back to a single line.
Posted By: Wims

Re: Edit Box Scroll - 11/04/14 12:54 PM

I'm not sure I can reproduce, could you give the exact steps to reproduce any of the buggy situations on 7.32?

This might be what you are describing, I'm not sure I get it:
A difference between mIRC 6.35 and 7.32 is that using control + a + del to delete the whole content and then using the up arrow key will show that line again with the up arrow on 7.32, while it will show the previous line on 6.35.
I agree that whenever you get the automatic editbox to be a single line, it should allow up/down to work as long as the current line isn't multiline.

Posted By: KerryEDavis

Re: Edit Box Scroll - 11/04/14 08:26 PM

Yes, it might be something as simple as a 'flag' being 'set' when the editbox goes over one line, that is not being REset when it goes back to just one.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Edit Box Scroll - 12/04/14 11:28 AM

Thanks for your bug report. Unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce this issue so far. I tested by entering several lines into the editbox, some of which were single lines and some of which were multiple lines. I then pressed the up key to scroll up through the lines. This worked until I reached a multiline entry, at which point the control+up key combination was required. Once I reached a single line entry again, I was able to use just the up key.
Posted By: KerryEDavis

Re: Edit Box Scroll - 09/05/14 04:11 AM

That isn't quite/exactly the bug I reported.

Try entering some lines, scroll back through them to a multi-line entry. Delete characters from that entry until it is back to a single line. You STILL can't just use up-arrow or down-arrow, even though the entry is NOW back to just one line.
Posted By: Wims

Re: Edit Box Scroll - 09/05/14 08:08 AM

Note that the behavior is expected, we're not supposed to be able to do it, so that would be a feature suggestion, which I support.
Posted By: KerryEDavis

Re: Edit Box Scroll - 09/05/14 08:35 AM

As far as I know, the ctrl-up-arrow behavior is only expected when an input is over 1 line. Whether it stays 1 line, or goes over and then back, I would expect the behavior to be consistent. If just up-arrow works for an input that has not yet gone over 1 line, it should also work for an input that was over then is not.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Edit Box Scroll - 17/06/14 10:48 AM

Just to confirm, I followed your steps as described: I entered multiple lines of text, some of which were single line and some multiple line. I then scrolled back to the multiple line text, at which point Control-Up/Down was needed. I deleted characters from the line until it was single line and was then able to use Up/Down to scroll to other lines. Which version of Windows are you using?
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