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Posted By: Asterix_UO /drawtext -i - 04/01/13 12:47 AM

Should /drawtext -i draws the inverse text or the italic?

//window -p @a | drawtext -ri @a 255 tahoma 50 5 5 Test
Posted By: 5618 Re: /drawtext -i - 04/01/13 06:46 AM
Note that the i-switch is not documented in the help file.
As you note, it is used for various other draw commands for 'inverse'.
However, for /drawtext, which uses a font, I would argue that -i ia somewhat expected to mean italics.
Posted By: Riamus2 Re: /drawtext -i - 04/01/13 11:18 AM
Normally, if a command is part of a series of commands, an undocumented switch usually means the same thing as what it meant for the previous command on the same help page. And that would be the /drawdot command that says -i is inverse. There is already a -p switch that lets you italicize (or use other control codes) in the text, so I think -i should be inverse.
Posted By: Wims Re: /drawtext -i - 04/01/13 02:39 PM
Indeed, and all /draw* commands but /drawdot say:
The remaining switches are the same as those in /drawdot.
-i is inverse.

Posted By: Asterix_UO Re: /drawtext -i - 04/01/13 03:11 PM

I made a try on oldier mIRC...
On /drawtext at 6.17 version, don't have the -i switch on /drawtext, so it's not a bug... But this can be very usefull if implemented laugh

-i for inverse

-I for itaic ou second switch;
+ibu for italic, bold, underline
Posted By: Wims Re: /drawtext -i - 04/01/13 05:26 PM
Implementing -i on /drawtext would be cool, it has been suggested in the past.
You can already do bold/italic/etc using /drawtext -p.
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