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Posted By: KindOne Lock Bars - Resize Nick List - 09/05/12 06:08 AM
In 7.22 you can resize the nick list after checking the "Lock Bars" option. I believe this is a bug.

Right click inside the Toolbar -> [check] Lock Bars -> can resize nick list left and right, while not being able to resize the Treebar.
Posted By: pball Re: Lock Bars - Resize Nick List - 09/05/12 10:31 AM
I don't believe that option is supposed to affect anything other than the toolbar, treebar, and switchbar. I've always had those locked and been about to resize the nicklist in every version I've used before.
Posted By: pishposh Re: Lock Bars - Resize Nick List - 09/05/12 12:47 PM
Same, I have never found my nicklists to be unresizable because of locking the bars, and have always assumed that option was only intended to affect MDI window components (as opposed to MDI window windows). smile

You could try setting "Border size: 1" under ALT-O > Display > Options > [Styles]. That reduces the size of the nicklist's "dragbar" to one horizontal pixel, which greatly minimizes the chances of accidental "catches" when mousing for the scrollbar.
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